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Creative 24/7 is an online membership fam that gives you tactical, practical education ready & waiting on demand. From marketing to business to productivity, we cover a wide array of biz topics so you get what you need, when you need (from a vetted expert too!)

Our goal? Equip your biz with the know-how you need to handle all the roles you play while also giving you the goal-setting boost to make things happen.

You're wearing all the hats (hello, CEO, CFO, HR Director & Admin Assistant) & juggling all the things. We're here to help. 

creative 24/7

as a biz owner, you have to know a lot about a lot.

your virtual cheerleader & 24/7 concierge.

I know what it’s like to build a business when you're wearing all the hats & juggling all the things; because of that, I’ve made it my mission to equip & encourage creatives like you. And in Creative 24/7, I’ll be by your side with every virtual step!

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i'm kat

just think of 24/7 as netflix for your biz.

the perfect place to binge-watch all you need to grow your biz & reach your biz goals!

From the on-demand archives to the new monthly topics, we've got LOTS inside our virtual walls! I love hanging out with the 200+ entrepreneurs inside and would LOVE to see you there, too! 

we're the one-stop-shop for  education you need to grow your biz

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Our goal is to provide tactical, practical education that's affordable and easy-to-access. We source the industry for leading experts and partner with them to provide recorded trainings that will do just that! 

Inside our membership family, you'll be able to learn from some of the best of the best, on topics that fall under three categories: Business, Marketing & Productivity. 

from start-up to scaler, we're the on-demand resource your biz needs.

keep reading to learn what's inside!

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Dive into Business trainings on topics like: How to Manage Your Finances, Diversifying Your Offerings, Unearthing Your Brand Identity, How to Attract Your People, Prepping for the "What If's" and MORE

practical trainings to grow your biz!



Marketing is essential for any online biz and inside our virtual doors we've got topics like: Email Marketing, YouTube, SEO, Content Planning, Copywriting, Paid Ads and MORE! 

up-level your marketing one video at a time!



You're wearing all the hats with lots to do & hardly any time to do it. Let us help! Come learn: Gmail Hacks, Preventing Burn-out, Mindset shifts every biz owner needs and MORE!

tackle biz to-do's with ease!



Every now & then we throw a surprise inside our 24/7 family! Whether it's trainings specific to COVID-19, a bonus guest expert or a live q+a, we want to provide even MORE resources for your growing biz!

for a little extra biz love!

bonus trainings


Uncover our proven Goal-Getter strategy, simplify your business plan & create a quarterly goal-setting system that has you hitting big biz milestones in no time!

guide to growth + quarterly cure

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Ongoing community with fellow creatives in our exclusive FB community 
Every month receive:
Recorded class - monthly class taught by an industry educator on the monthly topic
1 Live Q+A call with the monthly educator 
Action Steps Worksheet with step-by-step to-do’s to help you digest the content we’re learning
Office Hours with Kat to pop in & ask questions & receive customized support 
Over 10 hours of bonus content from 10 industry experts available immediately after joining!


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people who "get" you!

you're craving

Creative 24/7 is right for you if…

of not knowing who to turn to! You're ready to have vetted professionals by your side. 

You’re tired

on-demand classes covering topics like Marketing, Business, Productivity & Growth.

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help with all the biz things, not just ONE thing!

You need

sound familiar?

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"Creative 24/7 has been a catalyst for growing my business. I joined the group when I was super pregnant and needed a community that understood work + mom life. My business is now flourishing, my client base is steadily growing and I’ve got some evergreen content underway. Kat and the creative 24/7 group have been incredibly supportive and the content is clutch for referring back when I need it.

It’s also been a blessing to connect with other creatives online. It’s an online business hub of awesome-ness!"

from the community

Creative 24/7 has been a catalyst for growing my business.

Lander Sulser

"What is so great about Creative 24/7 is the vast array of content, But I don’t feel pressured to apply everything. I can’t do all the things! I am able to choose what I really need at the moment knowing that I can come back to any of the content whenever I want! And it is invaluable to have someone like Kat who is so business savvy look at my business with fresh eyes!

If you are on the fence I would say you have nothing to lose and you don’t know what you’re missing until you actually join! Total no-brainer!"

from the community

you don’t know what you’re missing until you actually join!

Marcie Meredith

Ready to hear about our customized Guide to Growth?

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Daily community with fellow creatives hustling to grow their dream?

Practical content to binge-watch whenever you need it?

Easy to access training on Business Growth, Marketing & Productivity?

Creative 24/7 has it all! 


New content is available the 5th of every month! You'll receive all one recorded class on the monthly topic taught by an industry educator, live Q+A with our monthly educator, monthly office hours with Kat and ongoing community in the exclusive FB group! 

What will I receive as soon as I join? 

Over 12 hours of content is instantly available as soon as you join!! You’ll be able to binge-watch vetted content on a wide array of topics: How to Set Achievable Revenue Goals with Kat Schmoyer, Grow Your Business with Dondrea Owens, Personality & Business with Laura Foote, Attracting Your People with Maghon Taylor, The Email Engine: 3 Steps to Grow Your Brand with Email Marketing with Graham Cochrane, Content Marketing with Megan Martin. SEO Optimization with Davey Jones, Gmail Hacks with Katie Newberg, Preventing Burn-Out with Organization & Lists with Amanda Hedgepeth, Pathway to Money with Andrea Layne, Finishing Your Year Strong with Nancy Ray, Quarterly Planning for Creatives with Kat Schmoyer, Copy That Connects with Jess Jordana . 


As long as you are an active Creative 24/7 member you will have access to the monthly content as its released, as well as the additional bonus content. This means you can watch & re-watch content as much as you want to!!!! You'll also have access to the private FB community for monthly Q+A's with educators, office hours with Kat and on-going community & support!!

How will I be able to view / access the content? 

It's easy-peasy! Once you sign up, you'll receive an email with step-by-step instructions to create your account & join our FB community. You'll be able to watch videos + download workbooks directly from our program!! You will not need to download the videos to your computer but can view them seamlessly online.

Can I cancel whenever I want? 

Yes, you can cancel at anytime & there is no cancellation fee!! However, once you cancel you will no longer receive access to the membership site content or the exclusive FB community.

Who is this for?

Creative 24/7 is for creative small business owners looking to equip their business with practical, tactical education. Our membership family infuses head-smarts with lots & lots of heart so you'll not only receive the tools you need to up-level your business, but find COMMUNITY and support along the way!! We have members of our family who've taken their side hustle full time, launched six figure courses and built a team of entrepreneurs underneath them. In our book, the sky's the limit & we designed this community to empower you to dream bigger while also providing the tools you need to get there!!

Why is this not a course?

Oh, great question! Creative 24/7 is the best of both worlds - pre-recorded content each month that you can watch at your own pace, combined with community & support with both industry leaders & peers in the form of Live Q+A’s and Office Hours with Kat. Every month, content is niched down to a specific business topic (Marketing, Systems, etc.) to allow you to focus your efforts and uplevel one step at a time. We know building a profitable, sustainable business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and support you need to encourage your dreams & equip your business. It’s our belief the we can do just that within the virtual walls of this membership community! 

"Thinking about joining? JUST DO IT!! Creative 24/7 has been an incredible source of valuable education every month! It's helped to position my business so that we’re growing and acting out of anticipation instead of just reacting to our day-to-day. I’ve learned so much in Creative 24/7, and I always look forward to the new monthly content because I know I’ll walk away with a huge to-do list of things I can tweak in my business to be better. Kat fosters such an incredible environment of encouragement and growth! This has been one of the best investments I’ve made into myself and my business this year!

from the community

one of the best investments I’ve made in my business this year!

Rebecca Rice


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